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After full-blown meltdown early in free agency, Ravens fans now vote positively on Eric DeCosta’s navigation of free agency

A surprising answer after Ravens fans were in full-blown meltdown due to the losses of free agency

Pittsburgh Steelers v New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

The free agency doors opened and the 2019 league year began with multiple losses. The Ravens lost their star middle linebacker C.J. Mosley in a bidding war with the New York Jets. Pass rusher Za’Darius Smith joined the Green Bay Packers in the NFC North. Terrell Suggs shocked the NFL by leaving his long-time franchise and opted to end his career in Arizona with the Cardinals. All of this left Ravens fans in panic mode as the only move made was signing TE Nick Boyle to a three-year contract. The blogs were set on fire and Facebook groups were left in turmoil. Twitter raged and we even meme’d it.

Then, the next day, Eric DeCosta signed veteran RB Mark Ingram and followed up with the bombshell news of adding FS Earl Thomas.

After the free agency glow wore off, SB Nation decided to poll Ravens fans on whether or not the franchise got better or worse in free agency.

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Did the Ravens get better in free agency?

62% of fans answered, “yes”

38% of fans answered, “no”

I’ll be honest, I voted in this poll and I responded yes. The team added quality players and cleared a bunch of cap space for 2020 and beyond. While great players left and signed mega-deals elsewhere, they added a compensatory pick or two for DeCosta to work with. The team still looks rather strong and I’m confident the Ravens will be defending their AFC North crown.

The team isn’t perfect, but I think it’s fair to say the Ravens got better. They added a superstar free safety, the most complimentary tailback for Lamar Jackson, traded away Joe Flacco for a fourth-round pick and still have room to work with in the 2019 NFL Draft. The defense is still the best in the NFL until proven otherwise and the draft will (hopefully) bring about offensive talent for Jackson.