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Ravens re-sign Robert Griffin III

The Ravens keep the best mentor for Lamar Jackson

Baltimore Ravens v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

After the chaos of free agency erupted to begin the new league year, the silence was deafening. Many began to worry as the Ravens didn’t have a backup quarterback on the roster. Fans were nervous as they wanted one in particular re-signed. But after days have passed, the Ravens have re-signed Robert Griffin III.

This is excellent news for the Ravens as RGIII not only gives Lamar Jackson an excellent mentor, he supplies the team with solid quarterback play if Jackson were to miss time. Against the Atlanta Falcons, Griffin led a 14-play drive which ended in a field goal as Jackson was taken out of the game momentarily.

As mentioned, Griffin will be an excellent mentor for the sophomore quarterback. Earlier in 2018, the veteran said he relishes being the mentor.

“I think he trusts me, and that’s a big asset when we are on the field, when we are in the film room or whether we’re away from the field,” Griffin said to The Baltimore Sun’s Childs Walker. “I have his ear, and I’m able to guide him in ways taht are very valuable for two African-American quarterbacks, to be able to communicate and discuss some of the things we go through in this league.”

This is one of the best signings for the Ravens this offseason, in my mind. Griffin is well-respected among players, coaches and the media. He’s an all-around good person and good football player. I look forward to his play and help in 2019 and beyond.