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Former Ravens LB Terrell Suggs discusses his departure on Undisputed

Sizzle shares his opinion

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Los Angeles Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Former Ravens outside linebacker and current Arizona Cardinal Terrell Suggs appeared on FS1’s Undisputed on Wednesday. He discussed his reasons for leaving Baltimore and many other topics pertaining to his former team.

Suggs felt that once former general manager Ozzie Newsome actually stepped down, his own fate was sealed. Eric DeCosta — formerly Baltimore’s assistant general manager, has now replaced Newsome in his role. With DeCosta having been the de-facto general manager in-waiting, this thought process seemed to have come years in advance of Suggs’ final decision to join Arizona.

Suggs mentioned that after thinking things through, leaving and finishing his career in Arizona would be the best thing to do. He was on the phone for Newsome for hours.

“I actually decided before — I hadn’t slept in weeks,” Suggs said on Undisputed. “I was going to go back to Baltimore because it was the safe thing to do.”

With his absence, along with C.J. Mosley and Eric Weddle, Suggs believes that other defensive players can step up to the plate and succeed as leaders. The 16-year veteran pointed to defensive linemen Brandon Williams and Michael Pierce, as well as safety Tony Jefferson and his “personal favorite”, outside linebacker Matt Judon.

Though Suggs left Baltimore, he still loves and respects the organization. He felt that he needed to remove himself from the situation to allow younger players to get their opportunity to prosper.

Suggs was known to be a staunch supporter of Joe Flacco, who has since found a home with the Denver Broncos. With that being said, he still believes that the Ravens can win with Lamar Jackson at the helm, even stating that he hopes that Jackson wins a Super Bowl — just not when he’s still in the league.

He also weighed in on where he sees the Pittsburgh Steelers finishing, saying “I could care less — I will be cheering for the black and purple.”