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Marlon Humphrey rescinds request for money in exchange for jersey number; gives Earl Thomas #29

Earl Thomas will continue wearing #29; Humphrey to switch numbers

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Atlanta Falcons Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

After the excitement of the Ravens signing Earl Thomas wore off, small questions arose as to what jersey number the new safety would wear? His NFL jersey number with the Seahawks was always 29, which was currently being worn by star-on-the-rise cornerback Marlon Humphrey.

After Earl posed the curious emoji on Twitter, Marlon replied with a teasing comment.

But in today’s press conference with John Harbaugh, Mark Ingram and Thomas himself, the All-Pro safety announced that he will continue wearing his number and Humphrey will wear a new number in 2019.

“Yeah, so, me and Marlon worked it out and he was kind enough to give me 29, so I’ll be wearing 29,” Thomas said. “I don’t know about what number he’s going to choose.

“I might donate to— his mom has a track team so I might throw a little bread that way.”

After the announcement, Humphrey took to twitter and asked the fans what number he should select. Shortly thereafter, Humphrey explained on twitter what the exchange between he and the safety involved. In the tweet, Humphrey explains that he asked Thomas for money but then decided to give the jersey number away and rescinded his earlier request for payment.

To the Humphrey fans, the cornerback is going to hook up the first ten fans who send him a photo of them wearing his old jersey number and correctly guessing his new number. So if you haven’t already, send him a quick pick and your best guess!