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The story of my first one-on-one interview: Coach Jerry Rosburg

In the Summer of 2018, I packed my car for the 1,700 mile journey across America with one of my closest friends. He flew in from Philadelphia on a one-way ticket so we could enjoy a road trip from Fort Collins, Colorado, to Wilmington, Delaware, so I could attend the Baltimore Ravens Training Camp once again.

The trip went smoothly and I arrived at camp without a hitch. In fact, things were going rather well. The weather was nice and I was fully enveloped in football, right where I belong.

Things became even better when I was given an opportunity for Baltimore Beatdown’s first big interview. I submitted a few names for request and received a response:


Jerry has agreed to do a one-on-one interview with you. . .”

Truth be told, when I was submitting these names I was a bit confident and excited, thinking, “Oh yeah, I could interview Jerry Rosburg!”

All that confidence evaporated after reading the email. My demeanor quickly switched to, “Oh shit, I’m interviewing Coach Rosburg.”

I prepared questions and topics of conversation for many hours as I attempted to be unique and creative. I mean, what original questions can you ask a man with over four decades of coaching experience?

After finalizing my questions I went to a couple reporters in the media room to ask for a bit of help, specifically how to handle a one-on-one interview and how to steer conversation; all things people should know before being less than 24-hours from said interview.

After practice ended the next day, I found the Ravens Director of Public Relations, Patrick Gleason, and waited with the same nervousness I found myself with when first entering the Ravens media room only two years ago. Though it was only a few minutes, my mind was racing. After finishing up extra coaching, Rosburg marched over with a huge grin and an outstretched hand.

“Hey Kyle, nice to meet you. Hear you got some questions for me.”

I fumbled through an answer as I didn’t know what to say first.

“Yes, questions. Hey Coach! Thank you. Nice to meet you.”

Fantastic start. . .

We finish walking up the slight incline to the entrance and stand just inside the doorway. During the walk I reminded myself not to blow it and remind myself that I can, in fact, talk to people and have basic conversation. The only difference is I’ve prepared the topics of conversation beforehand.

“Alright Kyle, what have you got for me?”

Q&A with Ravens Special Teams Coordinator Jerry Rosburg