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Ravens Special Teams Coordinator Jerry Rosburg retires

After an incredible career spanning over four decades, Coach Rosburg decides it is time to retire

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Oakland Raiders Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Today, Baltimore Ravens Special Teams Coordinator and Associate Head Coach Jerry Rosburg has announced his retirement.

After Harbaugh announced the news of Rosburg retiring and Chris Horton as his replacement, Rosburg sat beside his long-time friend and delivered a six-minute speech, ranging from his appreciation for the Ravens, his boss and close friend John Harbaugh, to his wife, Sherry, and their three kids.

Rosburg finished by stating he will stay on for a bit as the team transitions and informs everybody that the Ravens special teams will remain in good hands for numerous reasons, including the return of The Wolfpack, Morgan Cox, Sam Koch, Justin Tucker, and honorary member, Anthony Levine Sr. Rosburg stated that he accomplished what he had set out to do, which was to build a program.

The Baltimore Ravens have an incredibly successful special teams program. The rest of the NFL looks to them when they are desperate for special teams talent. Many players in special teams, specifically place kickers, have come through the Ravens doors. Right now, the Ravens have helped produce four starting kickers: Graham Gano, Stephen Hauschka, Wil Lutz and Justin Tucker. Not only are these players starting in the NFL, three of them are inside the Top 10 for All-Time Field Goal Percentage: Hauschka (7), Lutz (4), and Tucker (1). Just like Rosburg set out to do, this franchise built a program.