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9 players the Ravens may look at in Free Agency

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NFL: Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The first big wave of free agency has come and gone, leaving behind starter and depth players as the final stars ink their respective deals. After two signings by the Ravens, it’s time to check in on the roster to find the biggest holes and who they could go after in the next few days/weeks.


As of now, the Ravens have only Lamar Jackson on the roster. They need a backup quarterback capable of mentoring Jackson and also give them a shot of winning games in case he goes down.

  • Robert Griffin III — My preferred player. He’s a great mentor for Jackson and he’s also capable of stepping in and driving down the field.
  • Matt Cassel — Another veteran signal caller who could help with understanding NFL systems.
  • Kevin Hogan — Not so much a mentor for the team but he could be a decent player if Jackson were to miss time. Fans may know him as he led a touchdown drive against the Ravens in 2017.

Left Guard

James Hurst performed well for most of the season, but adding talent and depth to the line is always necessary.

  • Josh Sitton — After essentially missing the entire 2018 NFL season due to a torn rotator cuff, the Miami Dolphins decided to part ways with the 11-year veteran lineman. I’d like to see him come to the Ravens. I’m curious as to whether he’d like a one-year prove-it deal at his age or if he’s looking for a two- or three-year contract for some ‘job security.’ Sitton is also ideal due to being cut by the Dolphins, meaning his addition wouldn’t negate a compensatory pick.
  • Andy Levitre — Another veteran guard whose coming off a long-term injury in 2018. I still think he’s worth looking at due to his consistency to stay on the field, minus the past two seasons when he’s dealt with a triceps injury. He placed 6 on PFFs top 10 interior offensive linemen in free agency. Signing Levitre would affect compensatory picks, though.

Wide Receiver

As I’ve said before, searching through the top free agents list for receivers to sign is a tradition for Ravens fans. Unfortunately, there aren’t many names out there that could really bolster this particular area. The draft will be the best option here. Nonetheless, here are a couple names.

  • Pierre Garcon — The typical Ravens signing. He’s dealt with back-to-back season-ending injuries though, which either keeps him from Eric DeCosta’s view or keep his contract cheap.
  • Jermaine Kearse — Another player that probably won’t move the needle much and not high on the radar, but I’ll write his name on here in case something happens. At 6-feet 1-inches tall and over 200 lbs., maybe he could catch the teams’ attention.

Outside linebacker

Some good players are left, but they come at a price tag far greater than the Ravens can afford. After all, premier pass rushers aren’t cheap.

  • Nick Perry — A real possibility if there ever is one. The money would be tough but he’s a 3-4 outside linebacker who can generate pressure. He was also cut by the Packers, meaning the Ravens can sign him without losing a precious compensatory pick. I’d be happy to see Perry in purple, but he’ll likely see greater offers elsewhere.
  • Jamie Collins — A multi-faceted hybrid linebacker with blitz capabilities would be incredible for the Ravens. Collins is dynamic and I’d like to see in with Baltimore, but he’s also raised concerns due to his lack of motivation at times. If DeCosta believes in him, I’d be 100% for it. Maybe Collins would agree to a prove-it contract to earn another payday.

Boringly enough, this will all come down to the dollars and cents. The Ravens can’t afford to go out and spend every last penny; DeCosta is righting the ship after many contracts pinned the team down. If the Ravens do go out and spend more, it must be on the cheaper side of the deals we’ve seen these past few days.