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Update: Ravens release RB Alex Collins following his arrest in car crash

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Baltimore Ravens running back Alex Collins has reportedly been arrested following a car crash in Owings Mills:

Very few details are known at this point, including what he’s being charged with. The team and local police confirmed the arrest after the crash took place early Friday morning at Dolfield Road, nearby the team’s Owings Mills facility.

This is a very tough look for Collins regardless of how severe or not the charges are. He was heading into restricted free agency after a down year in which much more was expected of him, leaving the organization in a position where the decision may become a bit easier.

A crowded backfield with younger, cheaper options already made it hazy as to whether the Ravens would extend a healthy tender to the veteran running back, and now this may all but answer that dilemma for them. Hopefully Collins (and anyone he was potentially with/were involved in the crash) are alright; needless to say this creates another world of problems for him to deal with anyway if so.

Update — 4:04 p.m. ET

The Baltimore Ravens have waived RB Alex Collins.

An unsurprising move from the Ravens front office; very similar to Bernard Pierce’s release. Many didn’t expect Collins to make the roster in 2019. He was a restricted free agent and was unlikely to be tendered.