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Fanpulse: Five weeks on top

The proof is in the record

After an eighth-straight victory, the Baltimore Ravens stand at 10-2 and are number one in in the AFC playoff seeding and also in Power Rankings. They’ve conquered opponent after opponent and no fan has wavered in their confidence.

As for the rest of the division, the Steelers stand highest in FanPulse (and their W/L record). With a 7-5 record, they’re at 75% confidence.

With their first win of the season, the Cincinnati Bengals manage your surpass the Browns in FanPulse this week. The Bengals skyrocketed from 15 percent to 29!

Meanwhile, the Browns collapse to last in FanPulse after their loss to the Devlin Hodges-led Steelers. Now, they’re at 28% confidence, a 33-point drop.

The Bills FanPulse is also quite high, and honestly, it should be. They are third in all of FanPulse (93%), behind only the Ravens and 49ers. We’ll see who wins on Sunday and how hard they drop.