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Podcast: Storming the wagons

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The boys are here for you guys on a fine Friday in which they have the task of previewing the Ravens upcoming game at the Buffalo Bills! To do so they’re joined by Nate of the Buffalo Rumblings podcast network, who hosts the show “Circling the Wagons” for them. Nate is a life long Bills fan who knows the team up and down, and jumps on with the guys for over an hour to discuss all things Ravens and Bills as we head into their critical matchup this weekend. If you like what you hear, subscribe to the show wherever you get your podcasts, and if you can, do so on iTunes with a five star review and a roast of the boys in your write up for a chance to win a Lights! Camera! Jackson! T-Shirt - winner to be announced on Sunday at halftime of the game. Also follow the show on Twitter @PodcastBeatdown and it’s two hosts @Jakelouque and @ravens4dummies. Happy weekend my beautiful children!