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NFL Power Rankings Roundup: Ravens Are the Unanimous #1 Team

After a win over the 49ers, the Ravens cemented themselves as the top team in the NFL right now

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Baltimore Ravens Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

After defeating the 49ers, the Ravens are clearly looking like the best team in the NFL. With victories over the 49ers, Patriots, Seahawks, and Texans, they have not met an opponent they could not beat. Well, the power rankings agree as the Ravens are ranked number 1 in every ranking this week.

ESPN interestingly mentioned that the team could use an upgrade at returner.

It’s difficult to designate anyone on the hot seat for a team that’s won eight straight games and sits atop the AFC. But there is pressure at returner, especially because Baltimore has already cut one this season in Cyrus Jones. Thomas hasn’t been a difference-maker since joining the Ravens four games ago but has shown some progress as a punt returner. He has brought back two punts for more than 15 yards in each of the past two games. The Ravens, though, want more explosiveness and consistency out of that spot. -- Jamison Hensley

Yahoo spoke highly of Justin Tucker and his game-winning field goal in the rain on Sunday.

Justin Tucker is the rare kicker who is fun to watch. When he lined up for a game-winning 49-yard field goal in a rainstorm, it seemed like a chip shot. And he made it look like a chip shot. There aren’t many NFL players better at their jobs than Tucker is at his.

CBS Sports has already placed the Ravens 1st overall for a few weeks. They dropped the Patriots down 3 spots to number 5 and moved the Seahawks up to 2nd this week.

Sports Illustrated highlighted Lamar Jackson's great final drive, in which he was able to keep the clock running and pick up first downs.

In terms of situational football, this was a good test for Lamar Jackson against an elite defense. Of course, he passed, stretching the Ravens’ final possession across 12 plays and the final 6:28 of game clock while covering 39 yards in the wind, cold and rain. He picked up first downs on a third-and-one and a fourth-and-one during the drive, positioning the criminally under-appreciated Justin Tucker for this difficult 49-yard missile that split the uprights with plenty of leg to spare. called the Ravens “the best team in football” and Justin Tucker “the greatest kicker on Earth”.

Welcome to the top, Ravens. To the top of the AFC standings, and the top of the Power Rankings. (I’ll let John Harbaugh decide what means more to him.) Over the past two months, we’ve watched the Ravens drop nukes from above on teams that never had a chance. On Sunday, we learned Baltimore can we win a bare-knuckle street fight when necessary, too. The NFC-leading 49ers were worthy competition, but the Ravens locked in on defense and got another money moment from Justin Tucker, the greatest kicker on Earth. The Ravens showed they can win when Lamar Jackson isn’t at his best, and their 10-2 record includes victories over the Niners, Seahawks, Patriots, Texans and Rams (combined record of 45-10 against non-Baltimore opponents). This is the best team in football -- now we’ll find out if it can sustain this incredible momentum to the Super Bowl.

After the Steelers victory over the Browns, they moved up to 14th in ESPN's rankings. As a result of the loss, the Browns did not gain any ground this week. Despite picking up their 1st win of the season, the Bengals are stuck in last place again with the worst record in the league.

The Ravens will look to stay on top this Sunday against the Bills.