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FanPulse: Ravens end the regular season on top; Browns hit rock bottom

Baltimore Ravens v Cleveland Browns Photo by Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

It’s over, folks. the regular season FanPulse has ended and the Baltimore Ravens set their mark at the top of the NFL. FanPulse recorded 17 total times in which there was 100% confidence in the direction of the team. Of those 17, the Ravens notched eight of them, which were consecutive from Week 10 to the end.

Cincinnati Bengals

It’s real folks, Bengals fans are second-highest in the division in confidence right now with 35%. After sitting in last place or bottom five for most of the season, they place second in the AFC North. Good for you and bad for Joe Burrow.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The embarrassing loss to the New York Jets knocked them from their measly 56% to 34%, landing them third in the division. The expectations for Steelers fans weren’t high to begin the season but there was high likelihood of playoff contention due to the Browns ineptitude midway through the year.

Cleveland Browns

Going back in time, post-draft 2019, the fans of the Browns hit 100% confidence in the direction of the team. They stuck in at 98-99% all the way to Week 1. Then, reality struck as everybody realized you don’t just win the game with overwhelming talent on your roster. You have to actually play the games. The team suffered a 43-13 loss to the Marcus Mariota-led Titans and slowly but surely, the fans confidence in the team whittled. Here, at Week 17, they’ve hit their lowest, recording only 12% confidence in the direction of their team.