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FanPulse: Ravens on top; Brownies at the bottom


NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Cleveland Browns Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

aFor the seventh-straight week, the Baltimore Ravens have topped FanPulse with 100% confidence in the direction of the franchise. Honestly, it’s getting difficult to write these headers each week with all this success. I’m like DJ Khaled right now. But, let’s be real, he’s been boo’d off stages recently. . .

As for the rest of the AFC North, we have seen a recent shift, which Ravens fans can’t help but experience an evil grin from. But I’ll get to that.

Pittsburgh Steelers

A fall from grace as the Devlin Hodges tossed four interceptions in Primetime against the Buffalo Bills, who are quite the contender in the AFC. He played well thus far in his starts with the Steelers but it was an ugly game for the Duck.

Cincinnati Bengals

They’re up to 25% confident in the direction of the team, which I guess is due to draft season beginning.

Cleveland Browns

Yep. The Super Bowl bound Browns are now near the bottom of FanPulse. The graph says it all. The mega-hype at the end of last season coupled with free agency and the draft, but everybody forgot this team has to play the games to be crowned.