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The ‘Big Truss’ Collection is out and it’s officially licensed by Mr. Big Truss!

It’s over. Holiday merch for the family or save that money post-holiday for the fresh gear

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If you thought Era 8 apparel was the be-all-end-all merchandise for this holiday season, you are sorely mistaken. The Big Truss collection just released and is officially licensed by Mr. Big Truss himself! So make sure to cop your Big Truss gear for the holiday season!

I mean, how badly do you want your grandma reppin’ a Big Truss ‘Meet Me Outside The Bank’ pullover throwin’ up the Truss sign? Cause we know that would make a great pic for Twitter and Instagram.

For real, these are some awesome t-shirts and hoodies. I have a few from BreakingT and I highly recommend the gear. The shirts are soft and have survived months of washing and drying and the hoodies are warm with a nice fabric I can’t complain about. So click on the links below to score some of the best gear of the season.

Big Truss

Meet Me Outside The Bank