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Podcast: Marc Sessler

Jake is flying solo for this Wednesday slapper in which he has the pleasure of interviewing NFL Media’s Marc Sessler.

For the uninitiated, Marc is a longtime Browns fan who’s worked for NFL Media for almost 10 years, and has been one of the four hosts of the excellent “Around the NFL” podcast. He hops on the show to give some perspective on what the last couple disappointing months as a Cleveland supporter have been like, and what he thinks they need to do to get the organization back on track moving forward.

Outside of a few housekeeping items at the top of the show such as Pro Bowl selections and Terrell Suggs being claimed by Kansas City, the episode is mostly focused around the interview, so we hope you enjoy. See you on Friday for Jake and Spencer’s official preview of Ravens at Browns.

Follow the show on Twitter @PodcastBeatdown, and it’s two hosts @Jakelouque and @ravens4dummies.