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Terrell Suggs expected to report to Chiefs

c’est la vie, Sizzle

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Speculation all weekend ends with the Kansas City Chiefs landing LB Terrell Suggs. Though there was rumor of the linebacker holding out and refusing to report to any franchise other than the Baltimore Ravens, a source for Pro Football Talk says otherwise. The linebacker is now expected to report to the Chiefs.

This could mean Suggs playing against the Baltimore Ravens if the two clubs square off in the divisional or championship round of the AFC playoffs, which will be quite strange to watch. It was one thing when he was playing for the Cardinals on a retirement tour; it’s another, watching him play against the Ravens for a chance at a second championship ring.

Suggs could add some much-needed strength on the outside edge for the Chiefs after they lost both Emmanuel Ogbah and Alex Okafor to season-ending injuries. Either way, we’ll cross that bridge as it comes, seeing as the playoffs have not begun.