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Podcast: Turning on the Jets with Connor Rogers

The boys are here for a Wednesday episode that of course doubles as a preview for the Ravens only Thursday night outing of the year. The Jets travel to Baltimore to take on the Ravens in a game that very clearly figures to be a blowout, as the massive 14.5 point line in their favor would seem to indicate - in order to preview all of that, Jake and Spencer are pleased to welcome back recurring guest Connor Rogers (@ConnorJRogers) from Bleacher Report’s Stick to Football crew. Connor is a draft analyst for B/R who is also a lifelong Jets fan who gives the guys a lengthy idea of what to expect in this one, starting with what’s gone wrong for New York, what’s gone right for Baltimore, and much, much more. If you like what you hear from Connor, find him on Twitter and check out his podcast “Stick to Football” - as for this show, you can find it on Twitter @PodcastBeatdown, as well as it’s two hosts @Jakelouque and @ravens4dummies. Also, please leave it a five star rating and review to let the guys know just how much you’re enjoying it. Until next time, have a great Thursday night!