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Ravens vs. 49ers: Open Thread

Another big test

Baltimore Ravens v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images

After the Baltimore Ravens conquered the number one defense in the NFL four weeks ago, they meet with the number one defense once again. This time, the San Francisco 49ers hold the title, dethroning the New England Patriots. Right now, their opponents are averaging only 248 yards per game (1st in the NFL) and only allowing 136.9 yards passing (1st in the NFL). The problem, though, is their run defense, which is ranked 19th in the league, allowing an average of 111.1 yards per game. Meanwhile, the Ravens are averaging 210 yards on the ground alone. We’ve seen it time and time again, as the opening quarter from the Ravens tends to shatter the opponents average yards allowed quite quickly. Will the 49ers be the team to slow down the buzzsaw offense of Lamar Jackson, Mark Ingram II, and the stout blockers from the bullying offensive line to the stout wide receivers and tight ends?

If you’re in the red, you have the fortune of watching today’s matchup on FOX!

If you’re a channel flipper, here’s the CBS broadcast to enjoy. If you’re in the red, you can watch the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns duke it out (possibly literally) for second place in the AFC North. Blue is the Washington vs. Carolina matchup.

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Go Ravens!