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Baltimore area Taco Bell’s declare Friday ‘Matt Judon Day’

Free tacos from 2-5 p.m.

Baltimore Ravens v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Local Baltimore area Taco Bell owners came together after the Baltimore Ravens practice on Thursday to gift Matthew Judon nine boxes of $99 gift cards. They also declared Friday, November 8th “Matt Judon Day.”

Judon, now famously, announced during Sunday Night Football’s starter’s introductions. . .

Taco Bell certainly noticed, showing up to the Ravens facility Thursday to show some love for the shoutout (which was seen by reportedly 20.5 million viewers).

Judon is quite the businessman, seemingly plotting his decree on Sunday Night Football, as he immediately had a t-shirt released Monday afternoon.

Judon’s stunt has been quite the talking point this week, going viral in every which way. Judon has always enjoyed the spotlight, now he seems to have figured out a way to cash in on it. Smart man.

Eat up, Baltimore, just like Matthew Judon has done this season with his 17 quarterback hits, which ranks fifth in the NFL. Four of those hits were delivered to Tom Brady, one of which leading to an Earl Thomas interception. All done with a body built by Taco Bell.