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Earl Thomas joins ‘The Dan Patrick Show’ to discuss the Patriots, Baltimore and an elusive goal

Earl has been blitzing and is hungry for his first sack

New England Patriots vs Baltimore Ravens Staff Photo By Matt Stone/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald

Nick Boyle finally found the end-zone Sunday night, ending his run with the most receptions without a touchdown in NFL history. Earl Thomas joined Dan Patrick on ‘The Dan Patrick Show’ and brought up a similar streak that Thomas is looking to break.

“Earl I didn’t realize that you don’t have a sack, you haven’t had a sack in your career. How is that possible?” Thomas replied, “Right, in Seattle they never blitzed me, so I’ve been trying to get that under my belt. Wink has done a great job of trying to get me my first sack of my career, so it will come.”

Thomas came in on a delayed creeper blitz untouched and forced Brady to throw the ball away, Thomas was one step away from notching his first career sack. I think he will settle for an interception (not his first time against Brady), though.

Thomas and Patrick discussed whether the all-pro safety would prefer to play a traditional pocket passer as opposed to a more mobile quarterback. Thomas immediately professed, “I would rather just play the guy who’s gonna’ just stand there instead of worrying about a guy who’s going to put pressure on us and test our conditioning the whole game. It’s very tough, it puts a lot of pressure on us at the back end, trying to plaster receivers when these extended plays happen.”

Patrick discussed NBC’s Cris Collinsworth stating that Jackson was indicating he was going to throw the ball when he wiped his hand on his towel before asking for the ball to be snapped. Thomas said that these “tells” are part of weekly preparation, such as when offensive lineman change their stance. Something similar occured in the Ravens playoff loss to the Los Angeles Chargers in January, where players claimed that Ronnie Stanley’s stance was indicating run vs. pass.

Patrick asked Earl whether he would want to face the Patriots again in the playoffs. Thomas responded, “Of course. If we’ve gotta’ go through them, we’ve gotta’ do it again.”

Patrick asked it it gives teams an advantage seeing the same team again in the post season. Thomas negated the fact, but did state that it could provide extra motivation for the losing team.

Thomas and Patrick reminisced on the dominance of ‘The Legion of Boom’ and Thomas’ time in Seattle, before returning to the task at hand in 2019.

Thomas stated that if the Ravens face the Patriots again, “Brady might have a better understanding of how we move.”

Thomas also said that Brady messaged him on Instagram in congratulations, telling Thomas how well he played. The two have competed in the Super Bowl and clearly have admiration for one another.

Before letting ‘The Earl of Baltimore’ go, Patrick implored Thomas to get a sack in Cincinnati this Sunday. Brandon Carr played well as a high safety this past Sunday, which should allow ET3 to blitz, play robber, and be a lurking presence. Wink, John, let Earl go get that sack!

The interview was brief, but a fun listen. You can find the full interview here.

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