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FanPulse: Ravens fans stand in unison for third-straight week

And the rest of the AFC North standings

NFL: New England Patriots at Baltimore Ravens Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

The last few weeks have been quite enjoyable for Baltimore Ravens fans. They’ve watched QB Lamar Jackson and the Ravens’ offense rack up 127 points while the lights-out defense held the New England Patriots, Cincinnati Bengals and Houston Texans to a combined 40 points. With this in mind, there’s no surprise the Ravens’ FanPulse stands at 100% confidence for the third-straight week.

The rest of the AFC North isn’t so positive.

Cleveland Browns

An ugly, ugly ending to a solid win against Mason Rudolph and the Steelers left the team without DE Myles Garrett for the season and an upheld indefinite suspension. This loss left the Browns fans at 49% confident in the direction of the team, up only eight percentage points from last week.

Pittsburgh Steelers

This is a game the fans would rather not remember as multiple players suffered concussions, Rudolph threw four picks, was sacked four times and the team scored only seven points against a division rival, which ended as a brawl on the field. Top-tier offensive lineman Maurkice Pouncey earned a two-game suspension for his involvement in the brawl which will only hurt the team sitting at 5-5 through ten weeks. After riding high a week ago when the team won a 17-12 contest against the LA Rams, they plummet down 45-points, to a measly 38%.

Cincinnati Bengals

It’s that time of year where the fans of the worst teams in the NFL begin reading upcoming draft prospects and articles. At least, that’s what I’m guessing when seeing the Bengals’ FanPulse score. There are five teams with a lesser score than them. While five teams are in single-digits, the fans of Cincy stand at 12%.