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Podcast: “Let’s talk about flubber”

Cleveland Browns Vs. New England Patriots At Gillette Stadium Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Jake and Spencer are here to give you guys the preview for what’s one of the biggest primetime games to come to Baltimore in a very, very long time: Patriots at Ravens. The boys give you plenty of takes on how they think this one will play out from both a numbers and tape angle, as well as what they’re just feeling will take place deep in their loins. Before that though, they have a great guest joining the show this week! That would be Cam Rogers (@MrRogers99) of the Bleav Podcast Network. Cam is a Ravens fan who grew up in the New England area so we figured he’d be perfect to have on to give us a different type of perspective than we’re used to seeing. Of course stay tuned to get some takes from the guys on this game, including Spencer’s “flubber” nickname for the Greg Roman offense which was... something. Follow the show on Twitter @PodcastBeatdown and it’s hosts @Jakelouque and @ravens4dummies and give it a five star review wherever you get your podcasts.