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Ravens vs. Bengals final: MVP, 9 winners and 5 losers

Another Sunday, another W for the Ravens

Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Silas Walker/Getty Images

After defeating the undefeated New England Patriots with a scoreline of 37-20, some had the audacity to say the Bengals were a trap game. Lamar Jackson, the tight ends and the defense laughed in the face of these garbage takes, finishing the game 49-13.

MVP: QB Lamar Jackson

While we all can’t help but watch the best Jackson run to date, it’s easy to forget just how dominant he was in the passing game today. He was so good, he set a new NFL record. Two perfect QB ratings in a single season, minimum 17 attempts. Step aside Ben Roethlisberger, there’s a new quarterback in the AFC North.


TE Mark Andrews — The big man ends the day with six catches on eight targets for 53 yards and two touchdowns. He was a one-handed catch from three touchdwns, in fact, but couldn’t quite reel it in. This is what happens when a defense doesn’t strictly scheme to stop him.

CB Marcus Peters — For the second time in three games, Peters has picked off a pass and taken it to the house. This time, he goes 89-yards for the score. He now has 775 interception return yards on 25 interceptions. If he keeps pass, he could become the man to usurp Ed Reed for most interception return yards (1,590 yards). Yes, you read that right. Peters could become the one to eclipse the GOAT.

LB Tyus Bowser — A fantastic forced fumble by Pat Ricard landed perfectly for Bowser to scoop up and sprint 33 yards to the endzone for his first career touchdown. He’s been fighting for playing time all season and his hard work is paying off.

WR Marquise Brown — Since returning from his ankle injury, Hollywood has produced 128 yards and a touchdown. When he’s on the field, this offense is somehow even more explosive.

RB Mark Ingram — Through 10 games, Ingram has scored eight times. He’s the perfect tailback to compliment Jackson, and also the perfect tailback for Jackson to compliment. It’s a two-sided coin.

FB/DL Pat Ricard — Not only did Ricard set the lanes for the run game to blow through but he also added playmaking on defense, recording a forced fumble and three total tackles. Real iron-man football.

TE Nick Boyle — The big man caught all four targets thrown his way and recorded 78 yards, second-most among Ravens pass-catchers today.

DB Chuck Clark — This man is playing sound football. He’s creating takeaways and constantly making the smart plays. He doesn’t overextend or play risky football. He’s a true safety blanket which allows guys like Peters, Marlon Humphrey and others to play to their aggressive style without severe consequences.

P Sam Koch — Quite an easy day at the office when he only had to punt once in the game, with only 1:13 left to play in the game.


*These players had a bad game. This shouldn’t be taken too literally. This is a critique article of the game today.

WR Chris Moore — Being placed on the inactives list is never good. Both he and Cyrus Jones weren’t active today and it’s obvious as to why.

QB Robert Griffin III — He threw the only turnover for the Ravens today. It was a solid pass but Jessie Bates flew in quickly.

CB Brandon Carr — He allowed the only touchdown for the Bengals, in the form of a blatant pick play against an enormous tight end. I don’t blame him for it at all but he will be looked at negatively for it, somehow.

DT Zach Sieler — The former seventh-round pick gets two open looks at Ryan Finley and can’t finish the play. He appeared slow and those are big plays to miss on.

WR Seth Roberts — Just can’t seem to get involved on offense. He’s not a bad player by any stretch but he’s not somebody Jackson looks to.