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Ravens News 10/28: Potential suitor for Leonard Williams and more

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Miami Dolphins Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

A Behind-the-Scenes MVP So Far - John Eisenberg

Fact: Jackson has completed 62 passes to tight ends, 58 to wide receivers and 22 to running backs.

Opinion: The wide receivers will need to contribute more going forward.

Fact: The Ravens lead the league in rushing attempts, but if you take away Jackson’s total, 18 teams have more rushing attempts.

Opinion: It’s encouraging that the Ravens haven’t asked their running backs to carry too heavy a load, but I wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more of Ingram and Gus Edwards with the ball.

Fact: Penalties on the Ravens are up just 4 percent this year compared to 2018 and penalties on their opponents are down 11 percent.

Opinion: Surprising. So much for the perception that flags are flying everywhere.

Baltimore Ravens film shows Mashal Yanda has still got it - Aaron Kasinitz

“Seven-time Pro Bowler, just his attitude and his energy,” D’Alessandris said. “You see it on Sundays, how he plays, right? Guess what? I see it Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday at practice. The same guy. And I see it on Sunday. He displays — he is what he is. He is one hell of a football player.”

Yanda still has the athleticism and the strength to hold up against the NFL’s top defensive players and his dependability allows Baltimore to get creative with schemes for the league’s No. 1-ranked rushing offense. Judging by Yanda’s response to Jackson’s touchdown run, the decorated lineman still carries enthusiasm for the game, too.

In Lamar Jackson’s second year, the Ravens are showing the NFL how to build around a unique quarterback - Andrew Gillis

“The way they’ve built the roster is perfect for what we’re trying to do,” Robert Griffin III said. “All those things are signals to a quarterback that, not only have we got your back, but we’re going to surround you with talent.”

They’ve added young speed and size to the offense in the last two years with Mark Andrews and Hayden Hurst at tight ends and Marquise Brown, Miles Boykin and Justice Hill at wide receiver and running back. Greg Roman, who coached Colin Kaepernick in San Francisco to a Super Bowl, was named the offensive coordinator, too.

“Right then and there, it was a sign that they’re going to build a system around him,” Griffin said. “They’re going to help him develop but they’re also going to help him do things he does really really well. That’s a sure sign to a young player that not only are they saying it, but they’re taking actions that show that they believe in him.”

4 potential suitors for Jets DE Leonard Williams - Tyler Calvaruso

Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens currently sit atop the AFC North with a 5-2 record, but it’s going to take an upgrade on the defensive line if they not only want to remain there, but make a deep postseason run as well.

Baltimore has a solid defense, but its play in the trenches has left plenty to be desired. The Ravens have only 12 sacks as a team and none have come from a defensive lineman. That might not come as too much of a surprise considering Baltimore’s 3-4 scheme, but the Ravens have lacked penetration up front in general throughout the season, as their defensive linemen have only recorded 2.5 TFLs.

Williams wouldn’t come in and necessarily be a game-changer, but he would certainly help a line that hasn’t been up to snuff in 2019.