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FanPulse: Confidence soars after the Ravens win in the Emerald City

The Browns are still holding out hope with their second-half schedule

Baltimore Ravens v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Last week, Baltimore Ravens fans weren’t believers. In fact, one fewer fan believed in the Ravens after the win against the Cincinnati Bengals. This week, it changed. Fans are now believers after the Ravens went into Seattle and beat the Seahawks in the pouring rain, 30-16.

That’s right, the Ravens jumped from 62% to a whopping 92%, far above any other AFC North team. Speaking of, let’s check in on their respective FanPulses.

The second-highest confident team in the division stands at 58% following their bye week. I’m not sure why they increased by 15% from simply getting a break. I expected them to drop after witnessing the Ravens beat up the Seahawks whereas they faltered in the waning moments of their exhibition.

The Browns ignored the Ravens victory during their bye week but the Steelers didn’t. At least, that’s what the graph shows here with a drop in confidence following their bye week. We’ll see if the Steelers increase their confidence with an expected win over the Miami Dolphins on Monday Night Football.

And finally, we reach the bottom of the barrel, though the Bengals haven’t just yet. There are a few fans still grasping at straws with their eight-percent confidence. My only hope is they stay winless for the Week 16 Super Tank Bowl, against the Miami Dolphins, who I also hope do not win a game.

If they both stumble in at 0-15, I truly hope the NFL flexes this matchup into primetime. It will finally answer the question, “What happens when a stoppable force hits a movable object?”