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WATCH: Ravens new CB Marcus Peters intercepts Russell Wilson and scores a 67-yard touchdown!

Welcome to Baltimore!

Baltimore Ravens v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Russell Wilson has been on fire this season, tossing 15 touchdown passes and zero interceptions. But newly-acquired cornerback Marcus Peters snapped that streak in his first game with the Ravens, just days after being traded.

He didn’t just pick the ball, he took it 67-yards to the house.

For reference, that is Peters’ 25th-career interception and his fifth returned for a touchdown since being drafted back in 2015. He also leads in both categories since entering the league.

The best part is, during our question exchange, SB Nation’s Field Gulls (Seahawks site) stated Peters isn’t somebody to fear. . .

“The team just traded for Marcus Peters, a player who the Seahawks didn’t really fear too much when facing off against the LA Rams.”

This was the first and only touchdown scored by the Ravens in the first half. A huge swing for the Ravens, who will start on defense to begin the second half. Here’s to a second Marcus Peters interception.