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FanPulse: Ravens’ confidence DROPS after a win over the Bengals

Only one team in the AFC North built confidence in Week 7

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The AFC North went 2-2 on Sunday, yet went 1-3 for positive increases in confidence following their respective games. The culprit of negativity being, you guessed it, the Ravens’ fanbase.

Last week, the confidence sat at 63%. It fell by one point after the win. This poll was also taken prior to the Marcus Peters trade, so that is not being reflected.

The Bengals continue to plummet after continuing their winless streak.

The Bengals didn’t drop much but that’s due to already sitting at a measly 13% before their game against the Ravens. They lost 3% confidence after the game, leaving them sixth-worst in FanPulse.

After riding high after beating the Ravens in Week 4, the Browns are experiencing their usual product from the factory of sadness. They now sit at 43%, which was a 37-point drop from last week.

Finally, the only team to increase their confidence last week, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

There aren’t many things more Chargers-like than absolutely choking for three quarters at home* against a third-string quarterback and then attempting a 24-point comeback, only to fall one possession short. With the Steelers leaving the west coast with a W, their confidence almost doubled, going from 28% to 55%.

*The stadium was filled with Steelers fans in LA. Great job moving two teams to LA, Goodell.