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Ravens vs. Seahawks: Broadcast Map

Red vs. Blue

The Ravens head west to take on the Seattle Seahawks and find themselves playing their first late-start game of the season. Which gives everybody a 50/50 shot of watching the game if they’re not a part of the Washington or Maryland area.

But before we go with the late game, let’s cover the early game(s) to give you a view of what is on tap prior to the bird battle in Seattle.

CBS Early

FOX Early

  • RED: LA Rams @ Falcons — Sam Rosen, Charles Davis
  • BLUE: Cardinals @ NY Giants — Kenny Albert, Greg Olsen
  • GREEN: Vikings @ Lions — Brandin Guadin, Chris Spielman
  • YELLOW: 49ers @ RedskinsChris Myers, Daryl Johnston
  • GREY: Blackout enforced by local home team on CBS (Cincinnati)

From the looks of things, the Baltimore area is catching the Raiders @ Packers game on CBS with Nantz & Romo and also 49ers @ Redskins on FOX with Myers & Johnston. This would be a good time to watch the 49ers, I recommend. First, because they’re record is 5-0 and they’re an exciting team to watch, even if they’re going to trounce Washington. Also, of the four teams being broadcast in Baltimore for the early games, the 49ers are the only ones on their schedule (Week 13).

FOX Late

  • RED: Saints @ Bears — Thom Brennaman, Troy Aikman
  • BLUE: Ravens @ Seahawks — DIck Stockton, Ronde Barber, Mark Schlereth
  • GREY: Blackout enforced by local home team on CBS (Nashville)

If you live in the Midwest or the South, you’re catching former Minnesota Viking Teddy Bridgewater once again take on his old NFC North foe, the Bears, who are fresh off a bye week.

If you’re anywhere on the west coast, you’re watching the Ravens and Seahawks. The DMV is also all Baltimore for the late affair, too. Doesn’t look like Philly or NYC are watching this game, though.