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Ravens News 10/15: All-time rushing record, Clark providing flexibility and more

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NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Week 6 Team of the Week - Gordon McGuinness


Ingram’s raw stats from the day aren’t going to blow anyone away, with the former Heisman Trophy winner rushing for 52 yards on 13 carries, but this was a perfect case of a running back fighting for every yard. All told, 3.7 of his 4.0 yards per carry average came after contact, and he forced four missed tackles on those 13 carries.

Defensive Notes vs Bengals 10/13/19 - Ken McKusick

Common themes for packages:

· Flexibility provided by Chuck Clark becoming defensive signal caller is at the heart of most of the package changes above. He played close to the line of scrimmage (LoS) or deep as needed and the fact he had the green dot meant Martindale was able to substitute for both ILB spots. It’s difficult to imagine a team reinventing itself at the ILB spots as successfully as the Ravens have over the last 2 weeks. Given this transformation, I expect Clark to retain the green dot for the remainder of the season.

· Bynes and Fort both made important contributions despite the DB-heavy packages. Bynes played 34 snaps and was involved in run stops for 2, 2, and -1. He also had a deflection/near INT which popped up to be collected by Humphrey. Fort played 24 snaps including a QH negated by OPI (Q1, 3:17), a PD (Q2, 6:19), an assist for no gain (Q2, 3:47), and an open-field tackle of Uzomah for a gain of 4 (Q4, 14:25).

What the Bengals Said After Their Week 6 Loss - Clifton Brown

Head Coach Zac Taylor

On how the Ravens shut down Cincinnati’s running game:

“They were just being physical up front. That’s what it was. I wouldn’t say they were doing anything schematically.”

QB Andy Dalton

On how the Ravens defense took away wide receiver Tyler Boyd:

“They had a plan for him. He got a bunch of double teams in this game. That’s how they were playing him.”

On how Baltimore limited Cincinnati’s running attack:

“They had all their guys in the box. They made it hard for us to run.”

Ravens on pace to break all-time record for rushing yards in a season - Michael David Smith

As soon as Lamar Jackson was anointed the starting quarterback, everyone expected the Ravens to have a strong running attack. But no one could have expected what the Ravens are doing this season.

Through six games, the Ravens have 1,230 rushing yards. No other team is even at 1,000.

At an average of 205 rushing yards per game, the Ravens are on pace to finish the season with 3,280 rushing yards. That would break the all-time record of 3,165, set by the Patriots in 1978.