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FanPulse: Ravens fans cautiously optimistic after win vs. Steelers


The 2019 FanPulse season hits its first rollercoaster drop and rise after the Baltimore Ravens won an ugly game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

After the enormous drop (-56%) following the loss to the Browns, the fans regained some confidence, with a 25-point increase. I imagine the confidence will jump to 75% or greater with a good win against the Cincinnati Bengals. If it’s a close win, with Justin Tucker coming up clutch in the waning seconds, it could spell more of the same.

Something a big more satisfying is the Steelers’ FanPulse.

During Week 3, they collapsed to 13%. They rose to 31% before their game against the Ravens. Following the loss, they only dropped three points.

As for the others, the Browns’ FanPulse still stands the highest among all AFC North teams, with 80%. I find that a bit high, especially after Baker Mayfield experienced a loss for the ages, even by Browns’ standards.

Meanwhile, the Bengals are the lowest, with only 13% confidence in the direction of their team. Here’s to making that hit zero with a loss this week!