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Ravens vs. Bengals: Broadcast map

TV Broadcast map Week 6 CBS Early

A new week of football is here and it’s time to check out where the Ravens and Bengals matchup will be broadcasted.

CBS Early

  • Red: Texans @ Chiefs — Ian Eagle, Dan Fouts
  • Blue: Saints @ Jaguars — Greg Gumbel, Trent Green
  • Green: Bengals @ Ravens — Kevin Harlan, Rich Gannon

The bad news: Unless you’re in the tightly compacted DMV area plus Ohio and West Virginia, you’re not getting the game on CBS.

The good news: Kevin Harlan is the main broadcaster and he’s by far one of my favorite’s. His voice is incredible and he’s a joy to listen to.

I recommend this YouTube video, featuring some of Harlan’s best calls.

I told this to the Beatdown slack chat yesterday, but I’m hoping the Ravens offense goes off and the defense makes some exciting plays so we can hear Harlan roaring. Would love to see somebody pop off for a few touchdowns or interceptions to add to his highlight reel.