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Ravens to promote Greg Roman to offensive coordinator

Baltimore Ravens Team Minicamp

The Baltimore Ravens are making a significant change to their offensive coaching staff, one that had been anticipated over the past several weeks:

So something that fans had been calling for will officially take place, and the status of Mornhinweg with the team falls to uncertainty. Zrebiec follows up this report with the news that the former OC has been asked to remain with the staff in a different role.

It’s unclear whether he will accept this, as it’s hard to look at a move like that as anything other than a demotion. Regardless of what happens with Mornhinweg though (as well as the rest of the staff who are all apparently being shuffled into different positions), this was unequivocally the right move to make.

Mornhinweg has received his fair share of criticism in Baltimore since taking over as playcaller mid-season in 2016, but he also deserves some praise for how he handled things this past year. He got the previously struggling Joe Flacco off to a nice start to the year, and when that went awry, he and the rest of the staff showed remarkable flexibility to turn the Lamar Jackson offense into something the league maybe hasn’t ever seen.

Historic rushing numbers and dominant time of possession unlocked a new gear to this Ravens team that we hadn’t seen in a while, and without Mornhinweg it’s hard to envision the Ravens ripping off six wins over their last seven games to capture the 2018 AFC North title. With all of that said, Marty’s lack of adjustments in the playoffs against a team that had just seen this offense two weeks prior was stark, and emblematic of what had gotten him in hot water in the first place.

Beyond just Mornhinweg’s shortcomings though, it’s Roman’s track record that’s really what has gotten us to this point. His work with Colin Kaepernick at his peak, and Tyrod Taylor’s initial years as a starter in Buffalo indicate he can get the most out Lamar Jackson.

We’ll see how things ultimately shake out from here, but for now it looks like Baltimore isn’t fooling around with the idea of surrounding their young quarterback with the necessary infrastructure to succeed.