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Q&A with the enemy: 5 questions with Buffalo Rumblings

Buffalo Bills v Cleveland Browns Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

1. Nathan Peterman is starting for the Bills. How confident are you with this decision? How confident is your fanbase?

For the now, I am not confident that Peterman can go out there and win even eight games this season. What I am confident in is that it is the right move for the future. Our talent on offense is some of the weakest in the league and throwing Josh Allen into that warzone would not benefit him in the slightest.

2. From what I’ve read, the Bills’ offensive line doesn’t look like their strength for 2018. Can you see them capable of containing Brandon Williams, Terrell Suggs, Matt Judon and the rest of the Ravens front seven?

If the Bills do what I think they will and have done with Nathan Peterman in the preseason, that being getting the ball out of his hand as fast as possible, I think the Bills can limit their effectiveness. Doing that also makes Peterman predetermine where he goes with the ball which is what has gotten him in trouble in the past so that is another element to look out for. Does that mean they won’t have success? No, but the damages won’t be as bad for the Bills if they are able to do that. LeSean McCoy is going to be LeSean McCoy regardless. Sure, the Ravens line has the ability to keep him in check but my main focus is on how early and often they can make Peterman uncomfortable.

3. The Bills drafted Josh Allen in the first round. Is this team looking to rebuild around him or are they trying to get back into the postseason this year?

Bills’ coach Sean McDermott will never say this and never advertise it but I fully expect this to be a rebuilding year for the Bills. The 17-year drought is over and that monkey is off their back. I think that makes McDermott and GM Brandon Beane feel less pressure to get back to the postseason this year. Offensively, there is still a ton of rebuilding to do as it is and the team as a whole has little to no depth that you can be confident in.

4. The biggest matchup I see on this roster comes from the interior rush from the Bills and the expected weakness of the Ravens interior offensive line. Do you see Kyle Williams and Star Lotulelei breaking through?

Star and Kyle are as gritty as they come and both of them have some sort of success against any offensive line they go against. Star doesn’t make a ton of noticeable plays because he is playing a one-tech most of the time and eats double teams but his presence is felt. Kyle, on the other hand, will have some opportunities to win one-on-ones with the interior offensive line.

5. Tre’Davious White was a star rookie corner last year, outplaying Marlon Humphrey in quite a few areas. Are you expecting a sophomore slump or another great season?

I think any time has a rookie season as successful as Tre had last season, expectations can become overwhelming in a hurry. I don’t expect him to have a sophomore slump but I don’t expect him to turn into the best cornerback in the NFL overnight. It’s only his second season and he has all the tools to have a great career but I don’t want to put the pressure on him that he has to be a Revis-like guy in coverage because that is what fans will expect from him this season.