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Ravens head coach John Harbaugh says he respects and appreciates Rams for joint practices

Wild Card Round - Atlanta Falcons v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images

For the next couple days the Baltimore Ravens will host the Los Angeles Rams in joint practices in Owings Mills, Maryland. John Harbaugh expressed his excitement today at the podium post-practice.

“Sean [McVay] and I have spent a lot of time talking,” Harbaugh said of the Ram head coach. “Our coordinators have been back-and-forth.”

Harbaugh mentioned both teams practice with a similar structure.

“I think it will be very smooth running because we kind of practice the same way,” Harbaugh said. “It’s going to be great to have them in here. We respect them and we appreciate their help coming in.”

The practices will feature the same parameters as the Ravens have run thus far.

“It’s the same parameters as we have at our practices,” Harbaugh stated. “There will be no tackling to the ground. . . It will just be ‘bumping’.”

As it has been mentioned, Baltimore has not run a full-tackling practice, unless the cancelled stadium practice featured so. I don’t suspect they did as it was the first day in pads.

Bobby Engram, the Ravens wide receiver coach, also expressed his excitement for the joint practices.

“I love it,” Engram said. “I think it’s old school training camp. I think we’re tired of going against each other, to a certain extent. Obviously, they’re a really good football team. It will be a good challenge for our guys, in particular our young guys that have only had one game under their belt and didn’t get extensive reps. For them to go against another quality team, NFL caliber, in practice, they’ll get to test themselves against somebody else and see where they are.”

John Brown, who also spoke at the podium, mentioned his feelings towards playing against a former divisional rival.

“Most definitely, I’m excited,” Brown said.