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Oddsmakers increase lines for Joe Flacco’s expected performance in 2018

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Indianapolis Colts Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier last month, odds-makers from BetOnline.AG posted, “the worlds first Regular Season Props for the NFL’s biggest stars.”

I posted these odds and gave my analysis, confident Joe Flacco will outperform the odds given. Now, Bovada gave their odds regarding Joe Flacco and they may have read my piece.

Joe Flacco Total Passing Yards in the 2018 Regular Season

Over/Under 3,500

The previous odds posted by BetOnline placed Joe’s throwing yardage at 3225 yards, which means Bovada saw Joe Flacco’s preseason tape and upped his yardage projection after watching him toss deep to John Brown and Michael Crabtree.

Joe Flacco — Total TD Passes in the 2018 Regular Season

Over/Under 19.5

Though Bovada expects Joe to throw an extra 275 yards compared to BetOnline’s projection, they are not expecting him to throw for a greater amount of touchdowns. I’m surprised this didn’t waiver as it felt Joe’s preseason showed he isn’t going to just hand the ball off in the redzone; he’s capable of dropping back and finding many different targets.

Joe Flacco — Total Interceptions in the 2018 Regular Season

Over Under 13.5

This is lower than BetOnline’s projection, where they had the line at 15 interceptions

Projected Comparison

Site Yardage Touchdowns Interceptions
Site Yardage Touchdowns Interceptions
Bovada 3500 19.5 13.5
BetOnline 3225 19.5 15

I believe Flacco will produce closer to Bovada’s projection over BetOnline’s. I was confident of this before watching Flacco in camp and during the preseason and I’ll stand by it. The trio of Crabtree, Brown and Snead IV are talented, Alex Collins the running backs can catch and I also am confident in the tight ends, even after Hurst suffered a foot fracture.

I believe Flacco will cruise near 3500 yards, he’ll toss 20+ touchdowns and I’m confident he won’t throw over 15 interceptions; I think 13 or so sounds fair.