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Snap count totals and production show Gus Edwards Jr. could make the final 53-man roster

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As the preseason wears on, its become clear the Ravens aren’t writing the third running back on the roster in ink just yet. Many assumed Kenneth Dixon would be a shoe-in, but after suffering more preseason nicks and bumps he’s no longer looking like the man on the inside. Meanwhile, undrafted free agent running back Gus Edwards Jr. is stealing the preseason show.

In the Hall of Fame Game, it’s not surprising to see second- and third-string players on the field for the majority of the exhibition, but Edwards took over after Mark Thompson allowed a sack and fumbled the football.

Hall of Fame Game comparison

Player Snaps Rush Yards Average Longest rush Fumble Catches Rec. Yards
Player Snaps Rush Yards Average Longest rush Fumble Catches Rec. Yards
Gus Edwards Jr 40 10 35 3.5 16 0 1 23
Mark Thompson 24 5 9 1.8 4 1 2 -4
De'Lance Turner 9 3 14 4.7 6 0 1 8

I included De’Lance Turner also, because unlike Dixon, he was on the field.

In the second preseason game, it was much of the same. Edwards lead the team in rushing for the second-straight contest and also received the most snaps of any rusher.

Rams preseason comparison

Player Snaps Rush Yards Average Longest rush
Player Snaps Rush Yards Average Longest rush
Gus Edwards Jr 32 12 58 4.8 25
Mark Thompson 22 6 14 2.3 9
De'Lance Turner 9 4 17 4.3 5

Also, Dixon did not play for a second-straight game.

It’s evident the Ravens like Gus. He’s played the most snaps of rusher on offense and is only slightly behind the other UDFA running backs on special teams.

Special Teams snaps

Player HOFG Week 1
Player HOFG Week 1
Gus Edwards Jr 8 (31%) 11 (33%)
Mark Thompson 11 (42%) 10 (30%)
De'Lance Turner 11 (42%) 10 (30%)

If Edwards gets the bulk of carries for the third-straight preseason game, I’m going to call it a wrap. No chance they give a player like Edwards this many snaps for no reason. Dixon’s been injured far too often for his job to be secure here with the Ravens.