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Ravens LB Matt Judon wears same T-shirt about mass incarceration as Eagles S Malcolm Jenkins

The Ravens linebacker is taking a stand via his apparel.

Ravens LB Matt Judon wearing a t-shirt discussing mass incarceration
Kyle P. Barber

Before stepping onto the podium for his scheduled post-practice press conference, Ravens linebacker Matt Judon pulled off his jersey and revealed a T-shirt informing those watching about a stat in regards to mass incarceration in America.

After attending practice today, I asked the Ravens linebacker about the shirt he was repping at the podium and if there was anything he wanted to discuss in regards to what he was wearing.

“No,” Judon responded. “We have some stuff going on within the Ravens organization and trying to help out the community. Other than that, no, not really.”

A few questions later, Judon was asked about the shirt a second time.

“A couple of us have this shirt on the team,” Judon said. “There’s a couple more shirts. I don’t think it’s just a team thing, it’s around the league that a couple of us have been wearing these shirts, but we don’t have an agenda or anything. We’re not trying to stick it to the man or anything. We’re just letting it be known.”

The Ravens linebacker isn’t the first NFL player to wear this shirt. As Judon mentioned, a couple others have worn the shirt, including Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins, who shared it on Twitter last week.

It seems Judon wanted to talk about football during the press conference while still letting his views be seen through what he was wearing. It will be interesting to see if he continues to voice his thoughts via his apparel or if he takes a stand in any other way during the season.