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Madden’s Week 1 prediction: Goal line stand

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

With another month to go until the NFL’s training camp and preseason officially get under way, the league is in a bit of a dead period currently. One of the ways to fill the time in the dog days of July is reckless speculations and predictions about the coming season, including poring over your team’s schedule and picking their games week by week.

This is a pretty pointless exercise when you really think about it, especially when considering that injuries and other team altering factors aren’t usually accounted for at this point in the summer. A possibly more scientific way of going about this activity is by running simulations in EA Sport’s “Madden,” which is about as close to the real game as you can get at this point.

In the interest of trying to accurately predict this year, we here at Baltimore Beatdown are doing exactly that. We’re running simulations of every Ravens game week-by-week in an attempt to see how 2018 will play out for our squad.

We’re starting out with week 1 vs. the Buffalo Bills and will go from there moving forward. A few notes:

  • We’re running this with custom rosters including all rookies and free agents up to date
  • The slider set is about as realistic as we could find and we hope this is reflected in the video
  • The video was captured on Twitch and then uploaded to Youtube without a ton of editing so apologies for any choppiness/low quality spots
  • We’ll be running this as if we’re the coach so be sure to check below the video each week for potential depth chart updates

This is a fluid process so feel free to leave any constructive criticisms in the comments. Other than that, we hope you guys enjoy!