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WATCH: Ravens top five plays in franchise history, in Tecmo Bowl form!

Divisional Playoffs - Baltimore Ravens v Denver Broncos

Last week, video contributor for Total Pro Sports, Kyle Mac, shared a short clip of Jacoby Jones hauling in the greatest catch in Ravens’ history to the Ravens subreddit. We’ve all seen the play hundreds of times but Mac recreated the play in Tecmo Bowl style. It is incredible.

After the large praise and support for the video, Mac went ahead and asked the r/ravens group of any other plays they’d like to see recreated. The subreddit came up with a top five list, and Kyle delivered in spades.

The attention to detail is incredible as you can see Anquan Boldin set up the block on Ray Rice’s 4th & 29 conversion and Jacoby lay out for the touchdown catch in Super Bowl XLVII.