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How can the Ravens jerseys be improved?

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

While I won’t argue the Ravens can stack up against the powder blue coats of the San Diego/Los Angeles Chargers, or the gold and blue of the St. Louis/Los Angeles Rams, I do believe they stack up with some of the best. But SB Nation posed the question, “How/What would you change with your teams’ current uniform?”

Well, first off, this should never happen again. . .


It really wouldn’t have been a big deal with a less...mustardy yellow. If the team went more of a 49ers gold instead, it doesn’t out-flare everything on screen.

I, just like all Ravens fans, love the all-black jerseys. They’re menacing and the defense looks tenacious.

Jeff Lewis/Icon SMI

I would like a Maryland concept, though. Baltimore has pride of their home-state, rich history and glorious state flag. They named this franchise after one of the most influential writers in American history, so I believe another alternate with a unique jersey concept involving the state flag is well worth it. I mean, look at these.


Including the state flag is sure to bring fans flocking for the pride of their home-state. It sells when spawning something original and sharp. I know fellow individuals from Colorado who purchased a CSU jersey for the simple fact of including the state flag in a fresh look.

The Collegian/CSU

Also, being a hockey fan, an incorporation of a second logo is always worth a shot. The Ravens originally rocked the ‘Flying B,’ but after a court dispute it was found the Ravens stole the logo from Frederick Bouchat, an amateur artist. This is a setback for this idea.

If the Ravens can create a second logo, similar with how hockey teams wear a second one as a shoulder patch and incorporate them on their alternate’s, the Ravens may find another unique jersey for fans to sport inside M&T Bank Stadium and beyond.