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Ravens Training Camp: Day Zero

NFL: Baltimore Ravens-Minicamp Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Baltimore Ravens fans, we’ve arrived. Though Sunday’s are without its respective anthem, the off-season is over. The beginning is neigh.

The flock will not step onto the practice field today, but the veteran’s report at 12:45 PM ET. At 1:30 PM ET, the podium will open with Hayden Hurst, Tony Jefferson and Willie Snead IV.

Good news, I will be in attendance tomorrow. For the third-straight season, Baltimore Beatdown has received a media credential. I plan to make the most of it, as I completed a 2,100-mile road trip from Colorado to attend camp this year.

If you’ve stepped back for the past month or need a refresher, I’ve published a couple primer’s for you to get back on track:

Training camp primer — Offense
Training camp primer — Defense

There is a slight change from the past two years as I will now post all training camp news and information from my personal Twitter account, @BB_KylePBarber. I’ll link the feed in the daily articles, just as I did the @BMoreBeatdown Twitter in the past. I urge you to follow not only my handle but both. You won’t miss any of the latest and greatest this way. Also, Baltimore Beatdown Deputy Editor Logan Levy will attend a few days of training camp this season. On those days I will not be attendance, so I ask you all to follow the Logan’s personal account also, @realLoganLevy.

Kyle J. Andrews, a contributor for Baltimore Beatdown, will also be attending training camp this season. I presume he’ll also be posting updates: @KyleAndrews1994.