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Around the NFL Podcast predicts which holiday Lamar Jackson starts by

NFL: Baltimore Ravens-Minicamp Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

As we start to roll into the dog days of summer, NFL prediction season starts to heat up for those who cover the sport.’s “Around the NFL Podcast” is a program known for turning predictions, picks, and other media staples into fun games and segments, and on their most recent episode, they did so by choosing holidays to correspond with rookie quarterbacks entering the starting lineup for their team.

Naturally, they each have a pick for when Ravens greenhorn Lamar Jackson will be thrown into the mix, and the answers were pretty varied. Take a look below:

“I have it at ‘National Bi-Carbonate of soda day which is December 30th. And that is week 17 against the Browns. I think the Ravens are going to be there until the end for the most part but get eliminated in week 16. And then say, ‘why not roll with Lamar Jackson against a playoff bound Browns team in week 17?’ .... Part of that was not true.” - Marc Sessler

“I have the same day, but I was calling it New Years Eve-Eve. The eve before New Years Eve. Joe Flacco played so well all year with his overhauled, restocked Ravens offense that they’re coasting towards a playoff berth at this point.” - Chris Wesseling

“My holiday is ‘Russian Unity Day,’ November 4th, it was created in 2004 and celebrates the liberation of Moscow from Polish troops in 1612. I think that the Ravens run into a string of unfortunate circumstances- they have the Titans, Saints, the Panthers, and then the Steelers on November 4th. And I think after that loss to the Panthers they decide that it’s time after moving Joe Flacco further and further towards the sideline on these plays where Lamar is at quarterback, they finally just move him onto the sideline and just let Lamar play.” - Patrick Claybon

“I’m going to say he starts playing right near the last day of Hanukkah, which this year is December 10th. The Ravens aren’t out of it actually - they’re 7-6 at the time and they just make the decision that ‘now is the time.’ Flacco’s been okay, not terrible but not great, and they just want to see it. They think he can bring something to the offense. Harbaugh in his heart believes, because he needs a playoff spot, that Lamar Jackson is the guy to get it for him.” - Gregg Rosenthal

It’s definitely interesting to see the different scenarios the guys have laid out. They all are pretty far ranging with some predicting the Ravens to turn to him halfway through the season and others waiting until the very end.

Naturally, his entry into the starting role seems completely commensurate with team success; Patrick sees the team hitting a rough patch and turning to Lamar to see what he has, while Chris has them seemingly running the table and giving him the run out in a meaningless week 17 game a-la Kansas City with Pat Mahomes last season.

No matter how bizarre the holiday is, it seems likely we’ll be seeing Jackson enter the lineup on one of them at some point this year. Here’s hoping it’s National Bi-Carbonate of Soda day rather than Russian Unity Day when the time does come.