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ESPN: “Too soon to tell” on Lamar Jackson

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Former Louisville Cardinals and current Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson was one of the most electric college football players to suit up, and he is now looking to translate some of that magic over to the NFL. Throughout the Ravens’ OTAs, Jackson has displayed some of that play making ability. However, he has also shown some of the more raw aspects of his game that caused him to nearly fall out of the first round.

The Ravens knew it was going to take time for Jackson to develop. Remember, Jackson is learning to play from under center and call plays with much more verbiage than his college days. His throws have been inconsistent, but he has been explosive when he scrambles in the open field. Status: Too soon to tell.

This comes from ESPN’s Jamison Hensley who has gotten a firsthand look at Jackson over the course of the Ravens offseason programs. While it would be desired to see reports that he has been nearly flawless through every single practice, that is neither realistic nor expected.

Instead, the unpolished, but extremely talented, young passer is going to experience the natural growing pains that are associated with transitioning to the professional level at the sports most high profile position. From early looks, he has mainly encountered hiccups in his passing game, while his illustrious scrambling ability has been on full display.

“Too soon to tell” is especially true in the case of a player who will likely start the season as a second stringer at best. Until there is an actual sample size of Lamar’s NFL play, there is little tape to analyze to see how much progress he has made. But for early June, it is promising to see he is on par with current expectations.