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Should Ravens fans want to see Lamar Jackson in 2018?

Stay steady with Joe? Or get a head start on the franchise’s future?

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With a solid 2018 roster, the Baltimore Ravens are perhaps deepest at the sport’s most important position, quarterback. At the top of the depth chart stands incumbent starter Joe Flacco who has been at the helm for the past decade.

Behind him is free agent acquisition Robert Griffin III, a former Heisman trophy and rookie of the year winner, and a 2018 first round pick in Lamar Jackson. With Griffin slated to be a backup at best, the question since the draft has been when will fans get their first look at the young dynamo as a starter?

Furthermore, would it even be beneficial for Jackson to be under center at all this year? The answer is dependent on what the organization and fans would like to see accomplished in 2018.

Those who would like to see a competitive, 10+ win season would likely answer no. Instead of Jackson coming in for an evaluation period, Flacco keeping the reigns would more likely guide the team to a playoff berth for the first time in three years.

A more cynical fan may seek a different response. This person likely views Flacco as a lame duck who is no longer succeeding as a starting quarterback and wants to see the franchise finally hit the reset button at the position.

In an even tougher hypothetical situation like the Ravens are sitting at 5-5 with a sputtering Flacco-led offense, would frustrated fans want to see Jackson get the nod? While there are many factors that have contributed to his declining productivity, Flacco can no longer continue to receive the pass that he has gotten over the last few years for his mediocre play. When Matt Schaub or Ryan Mallett were the options to the “who’s next?” question, the answer to the “who should be starting?” question was much easier.

When an electrifying talent like Jackson is waiting in the wings, the pressure is obviously on more than it has been in the past. As a result, Flacco has one option if he would like to keep his job in 2018 and beyond: produce. Otherwise, the all important mid-season switch will be made.

If he does, he will remain the starter for at least this year and maybe beyond depending on how much he achieves. Regardless, it is an incredibly tricky situation, and one the Ravens top brass will have to tread lightly navigating.

How would you like to see them do so? Do you want Flacco to remain in the lineup, or do you want the future to start as soon as possible in Baltimore? Let us know down below or in the comments section.


Do you want to see Lamar Jackson starting in 2018?

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