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Leaked Madden 19 ratings leave Ravens LB Matt Judon feeling ‘blatant disrespect’

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Madden 19 player ratings were leaked last week and it is not looking good for individuals interested in playing as the Baltimore Ravens.

Operation Sports owner Steve Noah tweeted a list of NFL players receiving a 90+ overall player rating (no Ravens players were listed) and also submit a YouTube video showing at least the top ten players on each roster. In the video, Marshal Yanda and Jimmy Smith tie for the top rated player on the Ravens with an 88 overall.

Ravens top players:

  1. Marshal Yanda (88)
  2. Jimmy Smith (88)
  3. Justin Tucker (86)
  4. Sam Koch (84)
  5. Michael Pierce (83)
  6. C.J. Mosley (83)
  7. Brandon Williams (83)
  8. Eric Weddle (82)
  9. Michael Crabtree (82)
  10. Tony Jefferson (82)
  11. Brandon Carr (79)
  12. Willie Henry (79)
  13. Alex Collins (79)
  14. Marlon Humphrey (79)

Yes, you did read this correctly, Judon nor Terrell Suggs received above an 80. This is rather disrespectful, and Judon voiced his opinion on Twitter.

After the video scrolling halts, leaving all to wonder just how far down our favorite Ravens plummet, the quarterback depth chart is posted.

  1. Joe Flacco (77)
  2. Lamar Jackson (67)
  3. Robert Griffin III (63)
  4. Josh Woodrum (57)

I’m not arguing for Flacco to receive an 85+; I understand last year was a struggle for the franchise quarterback, but I believe a starting quarterback of 11 years deserves an 80-84. It’s not like he was benched last year.

Now Steve Noah posted the ratings are not final, but I don’t know what will sway the ratings on players from now to the games’ release.