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Rookie TE Mark Andrews missed final day of minicamp practice

NCAA Football: Oklahoma Pro Day Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens have now concluded their spring workouts and are on break before the start of training camp. It’s a great feeling knowing that the true start of football is just a month away. From the looks of it, Baltimore escaped OTAs and minicamp without any significant injuries. Which is always great news considering last year entering training camp, the team already had a laundry list of injuries.

During minicamp, the team welcomed back players such as linebacker Albert McClellan and cornerback Jimmy Smith. They also got back wide receiver John Brown on Thursday. Brown was absent from practice with a tweaked knee on Wednesday. Baltimore did have one player miss the last minicamp session and that was rookie tight end Mark Andrews.

The reason for his absence is still unknown, with no updates on why he missed practice throughout the day. Andrews, with his pass catching ability, looks to be a big part in this offense right now and in the future. The 2018 third-round selection caught 62 receptions for 958 yards and eight touchdowns in his senior year at Oklahoma with 2018 first-overall pick Baker Mayfield at quarterback.

With the Ravens string of bad luck when it comes to injuries, hopefully it is nothing serious with Andrews that will require him to miss any time. The last thing the Ravens need is one of their two young tight ends seriously hurt. If Andrews is hurt, the best case is that it was minor and Harbaugh kept him out as a precaution like he did with Brown. Hopefully, we’ll know soon enough.