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Opinion: Eleven days in, the ‘QB controversy’ is already stifling

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Eleven days ago, the Baltimore Ravens traded up in the first round, selecting quarterback Lamar Jackson. Since then, the fanbase split and Baltimore is now a city on every media networks’ scope. Every day there is a new development, or lack of development, to bring about more gossip. The Ravens like their first-round quarterback, Joe Flacco isn’t welcoming his replacement with open arms and Harbaugh likes Jackson’s accuracy. These aren’t incredible updates, but they’re being touted as such.

Joe Flacco is by no means expected to coach up his replacement. These are careers in a highly-contested market. While they wear the same logos, jerseys and practice side-by-side, they’re in competition with one another. Both Flacco and Jackson are pushing for the same goals:

  1. Produce big-time plays, from moving the markers for a first down to dropping 60-yard bombs into the open arms of their teammates.
  2. Win. These men want to win. Win practices, win games, win championships, these men are striving for greatness.
  3. Earn the top-spot as the guy. Every player on the field, on every team, is a ruthless competitor. Yes, even the smiling Jonathan Ogden, with his incredible demeanor and kindness, was a terrifying battle-tested warrior on the gridiron. These men compete against the man in front of them and also the teammates beside them.

Tony Jefferson is competing against DeShone Elliott. Chris Moore is competing against Jaleel Scott and Jordan Lasley. Joe Flacco is competing against Lamar Jackson. A cruel ecosystem finds teammates intertwined as enemies. Far and few between are the veterans truly ‘taking players under their wing’ for the chance of a Lombardi in their city.

Andrew Brandt posted a comment on twitter about the Steelers’ drama of Ben Roethlisberger and Mason Rudolph. This also applies to Joe:

How, in eleven days, can the controversy be peddled so high, so quickly? A story of John Harbaugh liking Lamar’s accuracy was a staple of front page news, somehow. I, nor any Baltimore Beatdown contributor felt the need to write about the topic, as it feels like a non-story. A head coach likes his first-round picks play? Color us all shocked.

I understand the excitement of Lamar Jackson; I feel it too. A Heisman-winning quarterback with an incredible college resume is nothing to scoff at, but it has been only eleven days and people are calling for Flacco to be cut and Lamar is running a perfect season, apparently.

Far as I know, Joe is still the Ravens’ starting quarterback, as the team mentioned time and time again, after drafting Lamar. Flacco isn’t going anywhere, and I don’t expect much to change in the Ravens set up. I expect the gossip to quell with the end of mandatory rookie camp, but it’s bewildering to see the hype expand to such levels in fewer than two weeks.