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Throwback Thursday: PFF ranks Ravens best and worst 2016 NFL Draft picks

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Two years ago, the Baltimore Ravens went into the fourth round of the 2016 NFL Draft and acquired five starting-caliber players.

  • Pick 104: CB Tavon Young
  • Pick 107: WR Chris Moore
  • Pick 130: G/T Alex Lewis
  • Pick 132: DT Willie Henry
  • Pick 134: RB Kenneth Dixon

One of the best late rounds in Ravens’ draft history, but it was not the most heralded by Mike Renner of Pro Football Focus when ranking the Ravens best and worst picks.

Best: Kenneth Dixon, RB, Louisiana Tech (Rd. 4, No. 134)

Dixon could very well be the replacement for Ray Rice the Ravens have been searching for. We had a second-round grade on him and Dixon’s +8.1 receiving grade last year was tops in the draft class, with his elusive rating ranking second.

Worst: Chris Moore, WR, Cincinnati (Rd. 4, No. 107)

In a fairly weak receiver class we didn’t see Moore being worthy of his fourth-round draft status. His big-play ability was far too erratic in college to see it translating well to the pros.

In the past two years, the Ravens developed Moore into a decent threat on offense and a touchdown-scoring machine on special teams. Meanwhile, Dixon looked sharp until the knee injuries began, starting in training camp on a late hit only months after being drafted. Now, both are under the top-tier talent on the roster, but Moore’s consistent contributions on this team have more than kept him afloat. Dixon lost the starting job after more injuries and a suspension as Alex Collins blew the doors off for 973 yards and six touchdowns on 4.6 yards per carry.

Both Moore and Dixon are facing a tough 2018 season due to the Ravens shifting their attention to offense. The Ravens’ brass drafted two receivers, two tight ends and signed three more wide-outs, pinning Moore down the depth chart. I expect him still on the roster, but he’s now fighting for playing time on offense with many more names when compared to the 2017 season. Kenneth also must return to impressive form, as Alex Collins fancy footwork and vision locked up the starting role without question. No doubt Dixon has the talent, as he’s demonstrated by shedding tackles and avoiding hits, but he must outperform Collins to earn the number one role.