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Ravens News 4/3: Head coach Edwin Mulitalo, Crabtree excels on back shoulder throws and more

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Baltimore Ravens Team Minicamp Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images

Scout’s Notebook - Bucky Brooks

Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens not only have a need for a dominant No. 1 receiver, but they have a locker room that’s well equipped to deal with Beckham’s colorful personality. Remember, this is a team that had a bodacious personality like Ray Lewis as the centerpiece of the squad for years. OBJ’s antics won’t be a major issue for the organization if he consistently puts the ball in the paint. On the field, No. 13 would significantly elevate Joe Flacco’s game.

The Ravens are highly unlikely to acquire Odell Beckham due to existing contract commitments. Nonetheless, Brooks makes an astute point regarding the team’s locker room. Baltimore is a veteran laden team with tremendous leaders scattered across the depth chart. The Ravens could use this to their advantage this offseason by adding a few players who are available at costs below their talent level due to character concerns.

Top NFL receivers by passer rating on advanced routes in 2017 - William Moy

Back Shoulder Throws (Min 5 targets) – League Average WR Rating: 100.9

T-1. Keenan Allen, Los Angeles Chargers – 158.3

The second route on this list so far where Jones earned a perfect WR rating in 2017 and tied with another receiver, this time in Allen. The Chargers receiver brought in 4-of-5 back shoulder throws for 73 yards and a touchdown. Jones also brought in 4-of-5 targets but for 103 yards and a score on back shoulder throws.

T-1. Marvin Jones Jr., Detroit Lions – 158.3 wide receiver rating

3. Rob Gronkowski, New England Patriots – 135.4

4. Davante Adams, Green Bay Packers – 120.0

5. Michael Crabtree, Oakland Raiders – 110.8

Crabtree’s success on this route could boost the Ravens passing offense, well executed back shoulder throws are nearly impossible to defend. Head coach John Harbaugh explained how important it was for Joe Flacco to build chemistry with the new receivers last week. It would behoove Flacco to organize informal practices with Crabtree, John Brown and his other targets outside of OTAs and training camp, especially to work on these types of routes that require precision.

Southern Virginia promotes Edwin Mulitalo to head football coach - Mark Berman

“Since I’ve been through everything, … all the way to the apex, to the top of the food chain, [the players] tend to prick up their ears a little bit more when I say things,” Mulitalo said. “I know how things are supposed to look. I’ve seen football at its highest level. At the same time, I understand where we are as a program, so I’m not going to come with unrealistic goals and expectations. But I do believe in demanding the best. The demands that I have for these kids will be high, regardless of us being D-III.”

Mulitalo was the Ravens fourth round selection in Ozzie Newsome’s fourth draft and started 113 games for the team at left guard. He earned a Super Bowl championship as part of the 2000 Ravens and his powerful blocking was integral to the team’s smash mouth rushing attack for eight seasons. Congratulations on the promotion Edwin!

Ravens offseason dates announced - Logan Levy

Voluntary offseason training starts April 16th, while their 10 OTA practices will be May 21st, May 22nd, May 24th, May 29th, May 31st, June 1st, June 4th, June 5th, June 7th and June 8th. In addition, their mandatory minicamp will be June 12th through June 14th.

Logan also notes the Ravens are allowed to begin training camp early this year because they will participate in the Hall of Fame preseason opener. This extra practice time should be beneficial for the new players as they assimilate to the team and also help new defensive coordinator Don Martindale install some aggressive wrinkles.