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Adding an offensive tackle in the draft would be the ultimate Ravens move

Could an offensive lineman be a first round selection for Baltimore?

NCAA Football: Miami (Ohio) at Notre Dame Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

In 1996, the Baltimore Ravens selected left tackle Jonathan Ogden to be the first overall pick. Ogden ended up playing for the team in 12 seasons, becoming the first Ravens’ Hall of Fame selection. Just in 2016, the Ravens selected left tackle Ronnie Stanley as the sixth overall selection in that year’s draft. Stanley has been a solid player for Baltimore, seeing action in 27 games in his two-year career.

Now, Baltimore sits with the sixteenth overall selection in the 2018 NFL Draft. There is a possibility that the top receivers and maybe even a tight end or two will be off of the board at pick number 16 for the Ravens. If that is the case, it shouldn’t come as any surprise if Baltimore selects an offensive lineman in the first round or even trades back to select one.

Baltimore just recently signed James Hurst to a new deal. He will be plugged in at right tackle, with the return of left guard Alex Lewis. After cutting Austin Howard and having Hurst take his spot, right tackle immediately becomes a position of need. Stanley has also had a history of missing games, so Baltimore could take a tackle that could play both right and left tackle.

One player that could immediately stand out for Baltimore is Notre Dame offensive tackle Mike McGlinchey. McGlinchey has played both left and right tackle, so his versatility would allow him to take over for Stanley, who was his former teammate with the Fighting Irish, in the case of an injury and compete for the starting right tackle role.

”Notre Dame will even tell you that McGlinchey is better on the right side than the left side,” one AFC personnel executive said of the Notre Dame tackle. “He’s just more comfortable and consistent there so that’s probably where you play him. I think everyone tries to beat him up too much. He’s going to play in our league and be a decent starter.”

Due to McGlinchey being a tall and athletic player (standing at 6’8, 312 lbs.), Baltimore could afford to run more stretch plays to the outside. His athleticism will also assist the team in pass blocking, which Hurst isn’t very adept at.

This move makes perfect sense for Baltimore, especially if they want to add to the depth that they have at the offensive line positions. It also gives them more versatility, like being able to move Lewis, Hurst, McGlinchey, Nico Siragusa, Matt Skura and others around on the offensive line. It isn’t the sexiest of picks, but it builds the team from the front and that’s where all things in football start.